viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Ramón Climent Jazztett

Ramón Climent Jazztett

Our performance in solidarity movement for Lorca 3rd October 2011, was a hot deal between my musicians and me : no money for the event but whole heart for the music !!! I can tell you folks, it was a big success  !

Let me show you now some nice pictures taken by our special photograph Gregorio Villanueva ...
Two Hearts Two Voices : Sara Zamora & Pedro Luis Hidalgo

The Bandleader, Arranger & Composer : Ramón Climent

Our guest Percussionist : Andrés Garrido

Our Drummer : Raúl García Pérez

The Ramón Climent Jazztett

The Ramón Climent Jazztett

The Maestro from other side ...

Our Bassmaster : Sergio D.Valcárcel
Our 1st Trumpet & F.Horn : Inge Sunde

Our Bariton & other Saxes : Bernt Brinck Johnssenn

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